Alex Erkiletian



I live and work primarily in the D.C. Metro Area but I have traveled for many jobs.


Since my semi-retirement from film making I have made photography my career. I absolutely love photography. I am currently a freelance photographer working primarily for the Loudoun Times Mirror newspaper. I have been a photographer for 20 years and have a full kit of lenses and professional cameras for sports, portraits, nature, boudoir, landscapes, real-estate, architectural, photojournalism, family, events, wedding and business photography. I have experience with all the aforementioned types of photography. My work has been published in National Geographic magazine, The Washingtonian magazine and is a featured part of the display at the Harriet Tubman visitors center, part of the National Park Services. My work has also been published in various national newspapers and has been featured on CNN.


  I have three children so I know how to work with families and I have experience with special needs children. There are challenges to every shoot and I believe that when problems arise on an assignment they are actually opportunities to find solutions. In my experience finding those solutions often gives birth to more creative work so I welcome challenging problems for that reason.  I believe that a good photographer should often blend into the crowd to get great candid shots but from time to time a photographer needs to engage with people and needs to be charming enough to coax a genuine smile which must be done without being obtrusive.


  I'm professional, discrete, friendly, fast and can think on my feet. I will gladly travel (and have no choice since I live out in the country) I can work under extreme pressure and in challenging environments and I can tell you from experience that photographing a wedding is more challenging than photographing a riot.

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